Your Final Authority

When we are faced with issues that are not clear-cut; when we need to make a decision but are confused by the pro's and the con's of that decision; where do we turn? What is, what I call, your Final Authority? Depending on the matter at hand, it may be the expert you have been discussing the matter with (eg. Doctor, Financial Advisor, Lawyer etc). Or it may be a trusted friend or mentor. Or, it may be the latest scientific journal you have read, or current trends in philosophy or any other discipline. Or, it may be popular opinion - after all, they can't all be wrong - can they? There is much wisdom available to us in the world, but is that your Final Authority? My Final Authority is the Bible. I believe it to be the Word of God. I believe it to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit and preserved through the ages for all people to draw from as the Final Authority for life's challenges. I believe it is as relevant today as it has ever been and I believe we can look to it for wisdom and guidance in all the challenging decisions that we face in this life. When faced with a decision - what does the Bible say about this matter? It may not specifically address the particular circumstances, but it will address the underlying principles involved. It may be around money, life, health, relationships, environment, etc. - the Bible addresses all these matters. The question to be asked is: Is my decision in line with what the Bible teaches, or is it at odds with what the Bible teaches? Sometimes this takes some deep thinking and time invested in discovering what the Bible does say about that issue. However, I suggest it is time well spent. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He doesn't change and neither does His Word. Man's knowledge, understanding and opinion is always subject to change. Therefore, I prefer to rely on the Bible as my Final Authority, rather than the vagaries of man's opinion. What is your Final Authority? God bless, Tim Connelly
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