You just might get the privilege

Cancer is a horrible disease that kills many people each year and this is deeply sad. Sometimes though, God brings people along the way to help those that are struggling. Kate and I had this privilege a long time ago. I was out to lunch with a couple from our church and as we ate, they shared the bad news about the wife in this couple having cancer. They shared the devastation of the disease and then also the devastation of not having money for treatment. As I sat and listened, I heard God speak and I sensed he was saying that Kate and I were to give this couple a sizable amount of money. We didn’t have lots and the money we were asked to give was money that we thought was being ear marked for something else. As I left the couple I rang Kate and told her what I felt God was saying. She explained to me that we should pray about it and see how we go; if we both agree then let’s do it. So we agreed to pray about whether it was right and how much that might be. After a few days we came back together and shared what we felt. We both felt it was right to give and we both felt the same amount of money. So, with money in hand, I met up with them again. I was so excited to hand them the cash to help with their cancer treatment.

It was a privilege to partner with God in what He was doing in their lives.
Giving is a privilege and what I have found is that giving is something that God invites us into, not something that is obligatory or necessary.
But with this privilege comes one thing…. WE must have an obedient heart.

I wonder: have you had the privilege to partner with God? I would love to hear your story.

Blessings and peace,

Ps Neil Milton

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