You Are Worthy

I shared this poem by M.S. Lowndes at our Sunday Service on the 25th of March this year, as we came together around the Lord's Table. The poem was so well received by those who were present that I thought it was worth sharing again as one of our Liberty Reflections.

I pray that the words speak as powerfully to your heart as they did mine!

You Are Worthy


Don't see yourself as insignificant,
Not worthy to come before God,
Fearing the stains are too deep to clean
From the sins you're guilty of
And don't feel as though you're not worthy
To dine at His table of grace,
Nor even to gather the scraps that fall,
Nor look into His loving face

But see yourself clothed in garments
Fit only to clothe a king,
Eating as His honoured guest
And wearing His signet ring
For that is how God sees you,
A worthy child indeed
A royal priesthood,
bearing His name
The moment you came to believe

For surely as Christ's blood has washed you,
You shall be whiter than snow,
So don't see yourself as someone unworthy,
A tiny speck nobody knows
For that only belittles the value
Of Jesus Christ's spilled blood,
For it's through His blood he's cleansed you
And showed you how much He loved

He says, 'My child you are precious,
More than you can comprehend,
For nothing you've done could lessen my love,
For I'd always call you my friend
My heart just longs for you to come
And bask in my embrace,
My child, I will always love you
And pour out my mercy and grace

So don't feel afraid to draw near,
Nor feel you have no worth,
My son's blood has purchased you
And has given you new birth
So come, enjoy my presence
And let me hear you sing
The new song I have given you,
For to me, you are everything’.

Know today that you are worthy in His sight Liberty!


Ps Joel Hawting

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