Why Journal?

The other day I picked up one of my old journals and had a read. Have you ever journaled before? For me, journaling has been an on again, off again kind of pursuit. Sometimes I have really gotten into it and benefited greatly from the process, and other times I have let other things take up my time and get in the way of this valuable pursuit.

As I read over some entries, it was really encouraging to see and read about the progression of my faith journey, and where God has intervened, shaped and blessed me over the years. It was great to re-read the heart-felt prayers that I had written out and to see how God had sovereignly worked and met my needs in accordance with His will.

So why journal? Why take the time to journal?

Tim Challies writes a great article on the topic of journalling, and shares three keys (courtesy of John Flavel) around why keeping a journal is an incredibly worthwhile pursuit. Here they are (visit the article for more information):

1. We can far too easily forget the amazing providences that we have encountered in life
2. Journaling is a process that records these treasures in a book, meaning that we can refer to them often.
3. Journaling helps us to remember (by reading the accounts of God’s mercies) that you have faced dangers just as great and fears just as terrifying before.

Journaling is a great discipline and is one that I am intentionally utilising more and more. Why not make some time to start journaling for yourself? You will enjoy the benefits now as you communicate with God through recording your feelings, hopes, dreams and desires, and you will also benefit for the rest of your days as you look back on the way in which God has truly blessed and provided for you over time!

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