Why did Jesus Die?

This is such a large question and leads to much research, but I want to suggest that it was for stories like this one:

Darren is a Christian. He is married and works for an electrical company. Darren runs, but has recently had some injuries. There is something unique about who Darren is. He attends a church, but doesn’t go into the service each week. You might be asking, “Why doesn’t he go into the service when he attends the church?”

Well, there is a little boy who has some issues and some behavioural problems. When put with other children, because of those behavioural problems, he can be quite disruptive. So, a few years ago, Darren was asked not to attend the service but to instead spend time with this little boy, every single week, so his parents could have a break and enjoy the service, the Sunday school could continue without unnecessary disruption and this little boy could be cared for and mentored all at the same time.

Darren loves it. He loves this little boy and this little boy loves Darren.
When this little boy sees Darren from a distance in the foyer he runs to him because he knows he is safe with Darren and safe for that morning with someone who loves and cares for him.

When I first heard Darryn’s story and what he does every week, I actually asked him. “So why do you do it?” and he just said, “So that his mum can have a break.”

I responded, “This is a huge commitment to make.” He said, “Yeah, but I can do that, I can love a child and help out a mum.”

Friends, on this Good Friday I have asked the question: Why did Jesus die?

And today as you reflect on this powerful question, I want to put to you that it was for stories like this - of love - that Jesus laid down His life for us.



Ps Neil Milton

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