What Would It Look Like?

In message I shared last year as part of our Teach Us To Pray series, I posed this question:

"What would it look like if we devoted ourselves to prayer – like the members of the early church did – today?"

The early church were devoted to prayer. Acts 1:14 (ESV) says that they "…were devoting themselves to prayer…” In other words, they were dedicated when it came to prayer. They knew how important prayer was and gave themselves wholeheartedly to seeking and honouring and connecting with God through prayer.

In their book, The Battle Plan for Prayer, Alex and Stephen Kendrick explain just how important prayer is:

"God has strategically chosen to establish and utilise prayer as part of His sovereign plan for us. It is like oxygen to our spiritual lives. It provides the needed wind in our sails to propel everything we do as believers, and it’s the unseen key to the success of every ministry of the church.”

What they say is so true... and this is why we are setting aside this month of January for prayer and fasting.

Over the course of this month, we are going to worship and wait on the LORD together. We encourage you to pray and fast as you feel led, but if you are after some ideas to help guide your prayers, check out our list of 10 themes here.

In addition to private prayer and fasting, we’re going to open up the church each Wednesday night in January (7:30-9pm) for corporate prayer and seeking. Get along!

Let’s join as one – a family of believers, eager to linger in God’s presence and pray ‘YOUR kingdom come; YOUR will be done’ in 2019. As we unite in this way *|FNAME|*, we will discover exactly what it looks like when a church community truly devote themselves to prayer!


Ps Joel Hawting

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