What REALLY Matters To You?

What REALLY matters to you?

There are often times when I take a moment to reflect on what really matters to me...

How about you?  Do you sometimes, or even often, stop to consider what really matters to you?  I mean, what REALLY matters? And further to that, why?  What is it about this thing/ these things that REALLY matter to you?

For me, when you boil it all down, what REALLY matters to me is:

1. Jesus - there are many reasons why Jesus REALLY matters to me, but I think the main reasons would be the purpose He gives my life now, and the hope He gives for my life in eternity.

2. My family - for me, family is so important and something that REALLY matters! I have been blessed with a wonderful family, and for that I am forever grateful!

3. My friends - doing life with good friends is a special thing and something that REALLY matters to me. Sharing the highs and the lows of life and challenging and supporting each other through life's stages is something that I really value.

Maybe you could even take a moment RIGHT NOW to reflect on what REALLY matters to you!

God Bless,

Steve King

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