What Plan Has God Got In Store For You?

Laura's sermon a while back titled God’s Not Finished With You Yet, got me thinking about my situation.

As you know, my son Steven had an accident and has ended up currently in a wheelchair. Since then, I have been able to see God’s hand all the way through the following months.

I had a sign something was wrong with my heart just before Easter and before Steven’s accident on Easter Monday. However, I was needed in God’s plan for Steven’s recovery thus it wasn’t until a number of weeks later that I had my heart checked out with an ECG then an ECG stress test, both showing I was ok. I then went on a planned fishing trip with my other son Gary to Bathurst Island (north of Darwin), at this stage not knowing my condition.

When I arrived home I was not happy with the results of previous tests and insisted on an angiogram. This time it was revealed that I had not one, but four blockages; the worst being 90% blocked. I was a walking time bomb.

They told me to book into a hospital in three weeks. To me, this was surprising considering my condition, yet God was in control and not finished with me in His plan.

By the time I entered the hospital, Steven was back at home continuing his recovery. My surgery was successful and I am now back at work and still able to assist Steven in his recovery. We both have been blessed with God saying to us that He is not finished with us yet. We are blessed through our business and get a lot of satisfaction blessing others and I know in my heart that God continues to use us in His plans.

Ask yourself << Test First Name >>... what plan has God got in store for you?

Les King
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