What is Your Picture of God?

When you think of God, what immediately comes to mind? Is it His grace: His forgiveness; His love; or any of His other wonderful and amazing attributes? Is it His power, or His righteousness that has captured your imagination?

What "grabs" me, is God's incredible creativity. We see this on display in our beautiful world, particularly around this part of the world where we are so privileged to live. We also see breathtaking beauty when we gaze into the night sky at the myriad of stars and constellations. Advances in science have allowed us to see further and more clearly into our galaxy - the Milky Way, and beyond into other far off galaxies. The Hubble Space Telescope is one such instrument that has yielded amazing pictures of environments that further testify to God's stunning creativity.

One such picture that I find truly inspiring is that of what is known as the "Whirlpool Galaxy".

What a beautiful picture of this galaxy! Yet, at the very core of this galaxy, we see God's fingerprint in His creation. When the Hubble Space Telescope zoomed in at the centre of the Whirlpool galaxy, what they found was simply stunning.

The cross, forever linked to Jesus, is found at even these far reaches of the universe, and reminds us that God is present everywhere at all time. He is so powerful and so creative that He left this clue to His presence, just waiting to be discovered! What a creative God we serve!

What else can we do but love Him all the more as we discover more about Him?

God bless you as you consider His creation.

Tim Connelly

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