What is Your Frame of Reference?

In my recent message titled Sons of Issachar, I sought to shine some light on the ever more confusing world we find ourselves living in. Post-modernism has seemingly thrown away common sense and long-held societal norms.

A key aspect of post-modernist thought is that there is no such thing as absolute truth. This is in direct contrast to what the Bible teaches: which is that Jesus IS truth (John 14:6).

This prompts the question:

What is your frame of reference? Do you believe what the Bible says, or do you form your opinion based on popular thought, celebrity opinion or scientific assertion?

I suggest if you rely on anything that changes, you will find yourself confused. However, if you rely on the Word of God which is unchanging, then you will always know where you stand.

I made this declaration in my message:

I believe the Bible is the Word of God. As such, it is the final authority on questions of morality and is the source of absolute truth.

I stand by this declaration and make no apologies for it. Clearly, this puts me at odds with a large segment of our community. However, so was Jesus counter-cultural and the church has been counter-cultural for the past 2000 years and will remain so until Jesus returns.

What is your frame of reference, *|FNAME|*? What holds final authority for you regarding the myriad of questions that we face in our culture?

I encourage you to view those questions through the lens of Scripture, to gain an understanding of what God thinks about it.

God bless,

Tim Connelly

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