What a Milestone

What a Milestone!

Today's Elders' Reflection marks the 100th Pastor's Update/Elder's Reflection that we have published... what a milestone we've reached! What a cause for celebration!

Okay... so that might be going a bit far. But nonetheless, when I noticed that this one would be the 100th that we have ever published, it got me thinking about milestones.

We celebrate a whole lot of things as milestones in life don't we?

We celebrate the developmental milestones our children reach. We cheer them on and rejoice as they start tracking and following us with their eyes, smiling and laughing, and eventually as they roll over, sit and start to crawl.

We celebrate age-related milestones too (perhaps more enthusiastically the lower the number we reach!). We celebrate when people reach the ages 13, 18, 21 and pretty much every '0' Birthday after that.

We also celebrate relational milestones (dating, engagement, marriage) and work milestones (changing fields or success in 'climbing the corporate ladder'. We really love taking the time to celebrate and enjoy all the milestones that we've reached!

Have you ever thought about milestones when it comes to your faith?

Maybe you fondly look back on the time when you were baptised. Or when you received your first adult Bible. Or when you encountered the love and power of God in an amazing way.

All these things should cause us joy and should be celebrated. But let's not forget this: we can aim to reach and achieve milestones in our faith into the future as well.

Where are you at when it comes to your faith journey? What milestones do you feel the Spirit of God encouraging and challenging you to work towards in the weeks, months and years ahead?

God longs to see us go deeper in relationship with Him and in the many expressions of our faith. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you identify, pursue and reach the milestones that He wants you to reach in your faith journey today!


Ps Joel Hawting

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