This is Our Time

I'm sure like me, you've come into contact with a whole range of people (from a distance of 1.5m of course!) who are feeling pretty anxious and overwhelmed with everything that's happening in our world at the moment. You've likely spoken to people on the phone or have seen people in the decimated aisles of Coles who - whether they verbalise this or not - are feeling pretty vulnerable and scared.

Recently, I came across a great article by Akos Balough - CEO of The Gospel Coalition Australia - who writes a powerful open letter to Christians, encouraging them to recognise that this is our time. Akos encourages us to recognise that - just like Esther was in the place and position she was to save Mordecai and rescue the Jewish nation all those years ago (Esther 4:14 NIV) - as Christians, we are placed here for a purpose today too. As Akos writes in his letter:

"This is our time. God has raised us up for such a time as this. It’s no accident you’re here. This is our time to hold out the Word of Life. This is our time to hold out the Word of Life to those around us—and give hope to those who are afraid, and are wondering what’s going to happen. This is our time to trust our God no matter what the future brings. For, unlike our secular neighbours, we know where our hope lies. We know where our security lies. We know where our future lies."

 I want to encourage you *|FNAME|*: take the time to read Ako's article sometime today. I'm sure it will encourage and challenge you (like it did me when I read it!) to be ready to share the Gospel with people who really need to hear good news!


Ps Joel Hawting

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