This is our church community... let's own this together!

Have you ever been really disappointed because you missed out on an opportunity that was available for you to be a part of?

I remember when I was at Primary School, returning to the classroom after lunch, feeling great disappointment when I heard that a game of cricket had been organised by a couple of teachers on the oval and I had 'wasted' my lunchtime by playing games on a computer and had missed the match of the century! "If only I'd known!" I remember saying to myself at the time. I would have loved to have been a part of that opportunity!

There are opportunities that come about for us every day of our lives. Ultimately, it's our choice what we prioritise and participate in. We can't do everything. We can't be everywhere at once.

Sometimes certain opportunities or seasons come around that are so important that we really can't afford to miss them. Vision Sunday on this coming Sunday is the beginning of one such season for our church community.

On behalf of the Eldership, I have the privilege of sharing the vision and mission that God has revealed for Liberty Family Church into the future. I will also be sharing with you about how God has invited each of us to participate in bringing His church mission to life here in Healesville.

This is a Sunday service that is not to be missed. This is a season in the life of His church that is not to be missed. We invite you to join with us in celebrating what God has done, is doing and will do... let's partner with Him to see His plans come to pass!

We are going to be kicking off our celebrations with prayer from 9am, worship and the service from 10am, and will finish up with a Church Lunch together from 12:30pm.

I can't wait to see you on Sunday... what an exciting time to be part of the family at Liberty Family Church!


Ps Joel Hawting

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