The Anchor

In the uncertainties of life so much is based on hope. The desire and determination to persevere through hard times is based on the hope that situations can change and things can get better.

Recently we have witnessed multiple episodes of devastation by the wild forces of nature. Hurricanes in tropical North Queensland and, more recently, in Florida have seen property and people ravaged by monstrous winds. In an attempt to save property, boats weighed heavy anchor in harbours to avoid being buffeted onto rocks and piers with limited success.

In life, we are inevitably challenged with storms and trials of various nature. It can be a struggle to navigate through to calm waters. As we are buffeted and tossed from one situation to another, how can we keep sane and get through the storm safely.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we have a hope that anchors our soul. This hope is based on the promise of God who is true to His Word, a hope that God will bring us through the storms of life to the safe harbour of eternity to enjoy with Him and fellow believers.

Hebrews 6:17-20 encourages us:

"Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath. God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly encouraged. We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf."

Praise God, that in the midst of life in a crazy fallen world, our hope in the promise of God is a firm and secure anchor for our souls!

Yours in Christ,

Peter Rogers

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