Take a Chance

Recently I was having a phone conversation with a friend of many years. She was sharing with me some serious health issues she has been experiencing for a long time. As I listened to her I was prompted to ask the question, "How do you feel about.....?" (the person who had damaged her physically and emotionally many years ago.)

Her quick response was:

"I hate him!"

I said to her: "You need to forgive him. Your unforgiveness is making you sick. It's as if you're drinking poison and expecting him to become ill."

Many times in the past I would ask her if I could pray for her, but she mostly declined because she would say "You make me cry when you pray for me." On this particular day, I asked if I could pray for her, and I was very surprised when she responded with "Yes please!" So I did, and she was very emotional.

The next day she rang me to say that she felt a great weight lift off her shoulders as I prayed. Emotionally she was feeling good and the bitterness and unforgiveness were gone. I was thrilled - but humbled, and so pleased I had responded to His prompting.

How many times do we hold back and not respond to the opportunities He gives us? I suspect, more times that we would like to admit. I certainly have! What's the worst thing that can happen? They may say no, or they may laugh at you. How do we know if it may be a matter of life or death?

Don't miss the opportunity, don't let this moment in time pass you by.

Take the chance Liberty!

Lorraine Miller

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