Stop and Heal

Over the past month, my shoulder has been feeling better.

I have arthritis in both my shoulders as a result of lots of sport when I was young, lots of weights when I was a bit older and sleeping really weird in my bed (ask my wife).

Over the years of my shoulder hurting and restricting me from completing some quite simple tasks I found myself thinking: What do I do to compensate? How do I still achieve what I want to achieve while avoiding the pain of my shoulder? I realized that I had to decide what I really wanted to do with my body in order to make sure that it functioned really well, so I could be at my best with my family and my work.

One thing I did was stop a few things, one of those being basketball. I simply could not get right enough to be at my best fitness and contribute as best as I would like to with the team.  I got massage on my shoulder and then eventually joined the gym. Only recently have I been able to do proper push ups again.

Often, instead of dealing with the not-so-good stuff in our life and relationships, we keep pushing through the pain, usually making things worse. We don’t deal with it and we try to imagine it is not there.

The other option is to make some changes in our life, to sort out the issue and then to get on with living the kind of life Jesus had planned all along.

It was really only when I made the decision to sort out my shoulder (even though it still hurts sometimes) that I was able to get back to living more freely.

What is it in your life that you have been pushing aside instead of dealing with?
What relationship is broken at the moment that, as far as it is with you, it’s time to reconcile? What do you need to stop in your life so that you can get healing?

Blessings and peace,


Ps Neil Milton

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