Sometimes, Celebrities get it Right!

We live in a celebrity-obsessed world, where it seems that whatever a celebrity says, must be the way to think about whatever issue. I must admit, my default position is: If a celebrity spruiks a position on a topic of debate, I will automatically tend to lean the opposite way. Then I will consider the matter more carefully, rather than just adopt a position, just because a certain celebrity says so! My reasoning is this: Surely the position/view should speak for itself - why do they need to have some celebrity add "weight" to the argument?

However, there are times when I believe they do get it right! Interestingly, it would seem having a celebrity quote on a matter that is unrelated to their core expertise, is nothing new.

A little while ago, Rose and I came across an Atlas that was first published in 1665, called Atlas Major, compiled by Joan Blaeu. Yes, read those numbers carefully! It was fascinating to look through it and see how the world was thought to be laid out in those times. It is amazing how well the landmasses (as documented at that time) were defined and since confirmed by satellite technology and modern cartographic techniques.

Yet what grabbed me the most was this quote by Mozart (1756 - 1791) - obviously a later edition!

"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence or imagination, nor both together, go to the making of genius. Love, love, love! That is the soul of genius."

This is a quote by one of the greatest composers who has ever lived, yet whose insight clearly extended well beyond the realm of music. Without doubt, Mozart was a celebrity of his time, and a measure of his greatness is the love that generations have had for his music. He is well qualified to talk of what constitutes the "soul of genius," since he was one.

How closely his insight is to Jesus' twin commands of love: "Love God and Love Others". It also mirrors Paul's assertion in the famous "Love" chapter 13 of his 1st letter to the Corinthian Church:

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Is that your story? If love is your primary characteristic, then you do indeed qualify under Mozart's definition, as having that "soul of a genius".

I pray that we all develop as such geniuses.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - now there is a celebrity worth listening to!

God bless,

Tim Connelly

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