Revenge... Not so Sweet!

There is a common theme in action movies and that is revenge. Revenge is where someone does something to hurt you or someone you know and you want to do that same thing that hurt you to them to get them back. You want to make them feel the same pain you felt.

You may or may not remember the year 2001, when America experienced one of the worst tragedies when al-qaeda and other militant Islamist organisations flew two planes into the Twin Towers, killing many people. It was an event on September 11 that people will never forget. Shortly after these attacks, George W Bush ordered ‘war on terror’ and the US and others went into what was simply revenge mode. People argued that the al-qaeda deserved it, however at end of the day, it was revenge.
Now I am not weighing into the political debate of this event, however I think we need to ask the question: was revenge the best option? Was there other ways to go about things?

What about for those who have wronged you? Do you want them to feel the pain they have caused you, or are you in agreement with God that He is the judge and in the end He will have the final word?

One of the hardest things to do is to forgive those who have wronged us, and as someone who had to go on this journey many times for atrocities done to me, I have learnt that it takes more energy to take revenge than to forgive, and when you forgive you are left with no regret.

Friends, it is not easy but I guarantee revenge will never make you happy. Forgiveness releases the burden of holding onto that which can destroy you internally.

Blessings and peace,


Ps Neil Milton

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