Reading Your Bible to See Glory

This quote is from a recent message that John Piper delivered at The Gospel Coalition's Women's Conference held in June this year (watch this video to hear the quote in context).

John Piper raises an issue that we all can find ourselves guilty of at times. At least John Piper and I have - from time to time - jumped into our daily devotions and seen them as a routine thing, instead of seeing them as an opportunity to truly connect with and enjoy God. Have you ever found yourself in a similar place?

It is easy to get caught up in reading for the sake of reading, not reading for the sake of knowing God. It is easy to read and read and read and go away unchanged; to go away without our hearts being touched by the glory of God and the power of His Word. As John Piper says, "Satan hates us to see glory in the Bible. He doesn't care if you read the Bible. He doesn't want us to see glory!"

So how can we see glory? Here are a few ideas.

First, we need to make time to read the Word. Just last week we started a new series on James called Authentic Faith, Right Living. I encouraged everyone to read through James and study it for themselves. Why not make James the focus of your daily reading over the coming months? Make the time to read the Bible and you will glory in the Word of God.

Secondly, we need to ask God to show us His Glory. Pray to the Spirit and ask Him to bring alive the Word of God. Ask God to open up your heart to behold and have insight into the deep, profound spiritual truths contained within. God will really honour prayers like these from His children!

Finally, ask Jesus to prompt you as to how you can apply what you read. We don't read the Bible for information sake - we read that we may know God and better reflect Him through how we live our lives. Ask Jesus to show you how to grow in His likeness and who He wants you to bless, serve and love each day!

Don't get caught up in just reading the Bible... that's what Satan would want. Instead, pray that God would show you His glory through His Word. I pray that God richly blesses your daily time in His Word as you diligently seek Him!

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