Procrastination and prayer

How are you with procrastination? Is it something that plagues your day and then you end up running late, or submitting things late? Or are you someone that gets things done on time and you are never late for anything?

Bill Hybels, a mega church pastor in the U.S., wrote a book called “Too Busy Not to Pray.” It is a book that recognizes the need to pray to our great God and to not put it off any longer. It is a book that describes how prayer is not the thing that needs to shift in our diaries when we are busy but instead we should be too busy not to pray. It’s really interesting. If we were to do a survey in the church, I wonder how many people really pray on a regular basis? I am not talking about a McDonalds drive through prayer where it’s ‘make an order and leave’, I am talking about God focused, Spirit driven, passionate praying like the Old testament Talks about, that turned God’s face and even caused God to act.

We are too busy not to pray. Our world turns, days go by and we keep living and it seems that, for many, busyness runs their life. I’m telling you now: if we procrastinate about praying we can forget about transformation, because transforming Healesville, our families, our marriage, our relationships and even our church, begins with prayer.

Let’s not procrastinate praying to our God but let’s enjoy the privilege that He gives us to pray to Him and get to know Him. Pray that God would move even the biggest of mountains.

Blessings and peace,

Ps Neil Milton

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