In a world where so many things vie for our attention, how should we order the many worthy ones and choose where we invest our time and energy?

Do we look for what will reap the most reward?

Or perhaps pay attention to those with disastrous consequences if neglected?

Does family or work or leisure sit highest on our list?

The bible advises us that there are many things that deserve and need our attention, but that which brings the best outcomes is our pursuit of Him.

In Luke 10:38-42 Jesus visited the home of Martha with his disciples and began speaking to those present in the household. As the Son of God, Jesus was worth listening to, so it seems most of those present stopped and listened to what he said, including Martha's sister Mary. Martha, however, became busy preparing to serve her guests and became upset that her sister Mary had left her to do all the work. How inconsiderate! Jesus response to the situation does not deny that being considerate and helpful with household chores is honourable and desirable, but that there is a time and a place for everything and getting our priorities right brings order and the best outcomes.

Let's choose the best priorities for our lives by putting God first and then honouring Him with all the choices that follow.

God bless,

Peter Rogers

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