Praying is not something to be ashamed of

One of the prayer focuses for this week’s ‘week of 24/7 prayer’ is…
“That God would bless the partnerships we have and that new partnerships would be created with businesses and organisations.”

One of those businesses we partner with is Healesville Fitness, which is located just up the road from Liberty. I have been going there for over a year now and Jayne and Heather who own the place are just brilliant people. They care genuinely about the person, not about the money. They know I am a Christian and I’m one of the pastors of Liberty and we often get into deep discussion about many things including faith stuff.

On Wednesday I had just finished my workout and I was having one of those deep discussions and I mentioned that as a church we are praying 24/7 for this week and one of the things we are praying for is the partnership with businesses. Healesville Fitness is one of those businesses we are praying for. I just want to encourage you that we believe in your business and are praying for you. Her response was “oh, thanks so much”.

It got me thinking. Whether someone is Christian or not, there are times where we need to say that; “we are praying for you”. Whether they accept it or not, know God or not, does not make our prayers any less powerful. It certainly doesn’t diminish the power of God as we pray.

Isn’t it time we let people know that we are praying to the greatest God, the creator and King, for them? You never know, it could just spark up one of those deep discussions.

Don’t limit your prayer life to church on Sunday, or just in your home. Extend it to a daily prayer everyday and everywhere you go. When you walk into a home, pray for the people in that home. When you walk into a business, pray for the people who own that business. If it is right, then tell them you are doing that.

In my experience I haven’t had anyone say, “Don’t do that”. I think people want any help they can get.

See you Sunday as I reveal a few things you don’t know about me in the last week of ‘This is your life’.

Blessings and peace,

Ps Neil Milton

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