During my time in God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle club [GSCMC] we had the opportunity to visit many outlaw MC clubs. We had established over 45 years a level of acceptance and authenticity in this sub-culture and we were generally well received by members of these clubs.

One of the very first clubs I visited was Club Staunch [name withheld for obvious reasons]. This club, while locked to all outsiders, was open to me and some other members of the club, probably because of my previous dealings with the president and vice-president of the club. Some brothers and I visited on a fortnightly basis or perhaps when invited to their special gatherings (which are nothing like the gatherings we understand). We were warmly acknowledged and greeted by the president (he and the vice-president attended Theadora and my wedding) and we greeted each other with a solid handshake, a slap on the back and a hardy, "How the F%#k. are you!!" However, others were not pleased to see us, to put it mildly. One such member, I will call Billy D. [again, to remain anonymous].

When walking past him I’d say “hello” and ask how he was travelling. His response was simply to shrug his shoulders but not to say a word. (He was quite talkative to all the members of his club.) This face off continued well into the sixth year but I was determined to keep going as long as possible and maintain a level of perseverance.

One day approaching the end of the sixth year, when - as usual - I passed him saying ‘how are you?” and I suddenly heard his voice saying, “I want to talk to you.” I turned around with a shocked look on my face and said: “you talking to me?” (knowing full well that he was).

DW: "You know mate I have been coming here regularly for the last six years or more and have said hello to you every time. Until today you have never responded."

 BD: "Yea, I have been watching you for a while just to see what you blokes do?" 

DW: "What do you mean ‘what we do’?" 

BD: "Well you members of GSCMC, Christians aren’t you blokes? I have been watching you to see if you are really who you claim to be." 

DW: "Yes and what is that?"

 BD: "Well you know... do gooders, God botherers. Thought you would have a bible in your hand prophesying."

 DW: "And has that happened?"

 BD: "Mmmm, well no, I think you do good things from what I have observed and from what others have said to me... that is why I should talk to you."

 DW: "Well you know I am a good listener, and what is said here does not leave this room, so what did you wish to talk about?"

Well, that evening went into the early morning as I sat listening and drinking with Billy D. who opened to me about his time in the Catholic Church as an altar boy. To this day that conversation remains between him and me. Suffice to say that he was among many who suffered under the Church and no surprise he watched me for so long observing what I did and said. Wonderful that I had, at last, won his respect and confidence in me.

While he is still not committed to any form of Christianity, we remain firm friends - it was worth persevering! Battles like this, especially in the bike scene, are hard fought and hard won, but that is the ministry of GSCMC. This can also be applied to others - one must remain true to their calling, to their beliefs and to the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and - where it may appear to be futile or just too hard - to persevere none the less.

Remember, if He is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all!!


Doc Wallace

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