Pastor's Update to Elder's Reflection

Have you noticed anything different about this update?

Those of you who have eagle eyes might have picked that the banner across the top of this update has changed slightly: it was 'Pastor's Update' and is now 'Elder's Reflection.'

Why the change?

As an Eldership, we all want to get involved in writing these weekly reflections. We all want to encourage you to press into God and to give yourself completely over to Him. We all want to encourage you to run the race with perseverance (Hebrews 12:1). We all want to see you living lives of service to Jesus Christ out of love and adoration for Him.

So we are banding together as a team to provide weekly Elder's Reflections that will hopefully be an encouragement to you. Who knows... you might even get to know each one of us better as we share devotions, thoughts and stories with you!


Liberty Elders

Ps Joel Hawting, Tim Connelly, Steven King & Peter Rogers

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