My All in All

"You are my life, You are my love.
You are my reason.
You are my hope, You are my joy,
You are my passion.
My All In All, Jesus My All In All."

I came across this new tune from Phil Wickham the other day and was taken aback by the beauty of this song.

What powerful words are contained within this song! The words of the Chorus for me are particularly inspiring: "Jesus our life, our love, our reason. Jesus our hope, our joy, our passion. Jesus our all in all."
So often we can sing songs of praise like this one to God without really thinking about what it is that we are actually singing. We can get caught up in the beauty, wonder and style of a song and not actually think about the gravity of what it is that we are singing and declaring to our mighty God.

The chorus is beautiful and yet strikingly confronting when we consider what the words actually mean for us; when we take the time to consider the words on a personal level. Is Jesus my life? My love? My reason? Is Jesus my hope? My joy? My passion? Is Jesus my all in all?

I encourage you - allow this song to minister to you and challenge you with where you are at personally with your relationship with Jesus Christ. Allow the Spirit of God to move in your heart so that you can whole-heartedly declare: Jesus is my life! Jesus is my love! Jesus is my reason! Jesus is my hope! Jesus is my joy! Jesus is my passion! Jesus is my all in all!

Nothing else will ever satisfy but Jesus Christ and Him alone. Pursue, enjoy and know Him as your all in all friends!

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