When you boil it all down, life is simply the collection of a whole lot of moments. Some moments are fun and exciting, like holidays and special celebrations. While other moments are sad and difficult to get through, like saying goodbye to a loved one or losing your job.

In the same way, our faith life is a collection of moments also. Some moments are real 'highs' where we feel so close to God and His love feels extra tangible.  While other moments are real 'lows' where we feel distant from God and we feel like God could 'never love me'.

I believe sometimes the best way to life is to simply 'be in the moment' and often we are too worried about what has been or what is to come, rather than reflecting on what we have right now.

Be encouraged and enjoy the 'highs'. Learn from, and allow God to carry you through the 'lows'. But always remember to thank God for the here and now and the moments you are creating right now!

Bless ya,

Steven King

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