Longevity in Leadership


“A change of Prime Minister again!” I hear the public cry. The fifth Prime Minister in five years. I don’t know about you, but this makes me quite sad. I have a Christian axiom about leadership that goes like this, “longevity in leadership builds fruit that lasts”. It normally takes at least three years for a leader to get any traction when it comes to leading others. You might get some initial buy-in but it takes time, relationship building and the major one is trust.

For someone to trust leadership, be it a parent leading your home, a teacher, a manager or some other leadership, it takes time to build trust. And that time is about being present.

If the Prime Minister keeps changing, where is the presence of leadership for our nation? If Dad is not around, where is the presence of leadership in our home? If the manager is out all the time, how can he lead his staff?

The presence of leadership is crucial for building something that lasts and is of value.

Where do you have influence? Where are you present? How might your departure too early impact where you lead?


Ps Neil Milton

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