Life's Journey

My wife Anita and I watched a really great YouTube clip the other day of the testimony of a couple who had suffered huge physical trials. Newly married in their mid-twenties, with a 6-week old baby, the wife suffered a serious brain haemorrhage and wasn't expected to survive. She did, miraculously, but not without long-term effects to her motor skills, speech and physical capacity.

The incredible thing about their story is the way they have allowed GodusethedetoursGod to shape their story. Most of us view hard times as a 'detour' in life, something we want to get through so that we can get back on track, to where we are supposed to be. But what if that 'detour' is exactly where God can use us the most? What if the 'detour' IS our story? That changes everything!

This really spoke to Anita and me in light of my accident around 18mths ago. Yes, I am making great progress in my recovery, thanks to God and continual rehab, but things aren’t going to go back to the way they were. That’s OK. This IS our journey now, we just need to be open to what this next chapter of our lives looks like... How does God want to use us now?

Maybe you can relate to this in some way too *|FNAME|*? We all seem to have 'detours' in our lives, but maybe they aren't 'detours' at all. Maybe God is desperate to use the 'detours' in your life, but maybe you just need to let Him, like Anita and I have decided to do...

Bless ya,


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