Jesus is a Well!

This week has been one that has had reoccurring themes through it. The themes have been: ‘going deeper with God’, ‘encountering God’ and what does it look like to develop deep relational disciplines in relationship with our King Jesus?

It is so easy in this day and age to only skim the surface of who Jesus is. We read the bible a bit, we pray a bit but do we go deep with the relationship we have with Jesus?

Someone once said “Jesus is a well if you drink from Him you will never be thirsty again”. How much time do we really put in to getting to know our Jesus, to really learning from Him and hearing from Him? How much time do we devote to waiting on Him and making sure we make wise decisions based on what He wants?

The other day I had injured myself on the back and I was meeting with some people who love Jesus and I asked them to pray for me. As soon as they placed there hands on me I felt Jesus presence. I was not miraculously healed but I encounted Jesus in that café. This encounter with Him, lead me to seek Him deeper. It was like I had drank from the well of Jesus and what He gave made me want more of who He is.

I encourage you to “take inventory” as the word says of your life and ask: Where does Jesus fit into it? What place does Jesus have? And how can people tell what place Jesus has in your life?

It is worth reflecting on this week. And… maybe for eternity!

See you for prayer Sunday 8.30am in the engine room (AKA prayer room)

Blessings and peace



Ps Neil Milton

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