Is there Any Room for Me?

Today I want to tell you a story.

There was a little girl who jumped up on her Dads knee at bedtime and asked a very important question? “Dad is there any room for me in heaven or is it full? Her dad looked intently at her and said “My daughter there is always room for one more”. She responded with a confused look on her face “really dad, so when will it get full? Her Dad looked at her once more and said “never”!

Friends heaven will never get full, it will never be too over crowded, and there will never be someone who will take your spot. If you have chosen to Jesus as your Lord and Saviour then ‘He goes to prepare a place in heaven for you’.

Earth is only a stop over point to our real home in heaven with Jesus. I can’t tell you what it will be like but I can tell you who Jesus is and what He is like and if heaven is where Jesus is then I reckon it is going to be a great place.

I believe that God wants us to live with an eternal perspective in mind and when we do this I believe our choices might have a different slant on them.

Think about it!

Blessings and peace


Ps Neil Milton

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