Is Jesus Coming Back Now?

I have had many conversations about the Paris attacks, particularly around the questions, “Is Jesus coming back now? Does this mean that Jesus is coming back soon? Are these signs of Jesus coming back?”

The truth is, Jesus is coming back ‘soon’, but the word ‘soon’ in the Bible means, ‘It will happen but we don’t know when.’

We are not to fear what is happening in the world, but we are to get ready for Jesus’ return. How we get ready is to make sure that we are in a real relationship with Jesus Christ. This means accepting that Jesus died on a cross for us, to forgive us of everything, and rose from the dead to give us new life. There is no other way to prepare for Jesus’ return but to be already in relationship with Jesus.

This week I had the privilege of leading a 97-year-old lady to Jesus on her deathbed in the nursing home with her family surrounding her. I was called in because the lady’s daughter saw that her mum was agitated and she kept talking about forgiveness. As this mostly blind and deaf woman in severe pain proclaimed Jesus as her Lord and Savior for the first time, there came on her a brilliant peace. She had finally received Jesus and she knew she would be in heaven. Just before I left the room I heard her say something I will never forget, “I have been wanting this for such a long time”. My understanding was that she was wanting that peace and to know that she would be ok.

It’s easy to get caught up in the media hype about destruction and terrorism and try to pin point when Jesus is coming back, however my experience with this 97 year old lady choosing Jesus reminds me: don’t wait, because just like we don’t know what the future holds for our own personal wellbeing, we also don’t know when Jesus is coming back.

All we need to know is that He is coming back soon!

Jesus adores you and loves you so much. “Trust not in your own understanding but everything that comes from God.”

See you Sunday as we celebrate Membership Sunday.

Blessings and peace,


Ps Neil Milton

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