If it's God's will, God will!

Recently I attended a state meeting for all pastors of our denomination, ACM (Associated Christian Ministries) and the speaker, Victor Soo of Reach Church, said something that I found incredibly encouraging and my hope is that it will encourage you too.

Victor said, “If it’s God’s will, God will.” In other words, if something is God’s will, plan and purpose for us, God will provide what is needed for that to come to pass. Sometimes we can become so distracted with what we don’t have that we forget that if it is God’s will He will provide what we don’t have in order to carry out His will and purpose.

What is it in your life that you believe is God’s will to happen?

The thing about God is that he is the God of ‘our last minute’. Often God doesn’t provide what we need until we desperately understand that it is only Him that could provide it. I say God of ‘our last minute’ because God’s timing is perfect and often His timing doesn’t look like our timing. This can be frustrating at times until you see God move.

So friends, remain faithful to God, hold fast and trust that He will always do what is in accordance to His will and purpose. It just so happens that you waiting for what you feel is in line with His will, is most probably actually part of His will for your lives.

Stay connected to God friends, He loves you stacks.


Ps Neil Milton

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