How's Your Passion?

Some of you may have recently seen a video of a commentator that went viral after Iceland beat Austria in extra-time to win their match in the UEFA EURO competition (check it out above).

Iceland are not known for their standing in Football circles in Europe. They are known as perennial underdogs; they are not used to experiencing success in the World Game.

When Iceland managed to score in the last few minutes of the match taking the lead 2-1, you can understand the excitement for any supporters of Iceland. No doubt their supporters would have been pretty excited. Nobody expected this Icelandic commentator to be quite THAT excited.

Seeing this video the other week, it reminded me of something that John Meadth (founding Pastor of Liberty Family Church) said in one of his messages years ago. From memory, he said something to this effect:

"It is funny how we can get so excited and passionate about sport isn't it? We go to the AFL or the A-League and enjoy the atmosphere of the game and get caught up in the emotion of what is going on. We yell, we scream, we actively engage in the game with passion.

And yet, sometimes when it comes to our faith, we show no passion whatsoever. We don't get excited. We aren't actively engaged. Often, we seem to be more passionate and engaged with sport and other worldly pursuits than we are for the Gospel."

How true is that statement? I remember the effect it had on those listening to John that day. Immediately after he said something to this effect, you could have heard a pin drop in the Church. What he had said had hit a raw nerve with all of us.

So often our passion for the Gospel is dwarfed by our passion for other less-important worldly pursuits. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about sport - you only have to ask Laura what I am like when Geelong are locked in a tough battle in the AFL... she sees and hears some passion that's for sure!

But what about our faith? Shouldn't we be the most passionate and excited people on the face of the earth? After all, we have good news - the best news - for a broken and hurting world who really need good news.

I encourage you - allow God to ignite a passion for the Gospel deep within your Spirit... we have a lot of reasons to celebrate with passion our great God and share that passion for Him with others!

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