How do you Prepare for Christmas?

It is about this time where panic might start to set in and we start to have anxiety around what Christmas day will look like. For those who like writing lists maybe this is the time you start to write your lists for that day so that nothing is missed out and no one is forgotten. We order that turkey, ham or seafood. We put those toys on layby. We put the Christmas tree up and so on…. But...

How do you prepare for Christmas day? I am not talking about what you will do; I am talking about how you will be… still?

At what point would you say that you are able to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas?

How are you going to be still in the midst of being flooded with false messages about what Christmas day is meant to be? How do you sift through what is truth and what is not?

Often we get to the end of Christmas day and we slump on a couch, with a full belly many of us surrounded by gifts or family and we go to bed without really giving the true meaning of Christmas any thought. Even if we come to church often we are thinking about what we have to do when we get home.

What would it look like to prepare for Christmas differently this year?

Here are a few tips I would like to encourage you to do to prepare for Christmas so that the true meaning is not missed in the hype of everything else:

  • Read the story of Christmas in the bible from Luke 2: 1 – 20
  • Stop for a few minutes and intentionally reflect on what Christmas is all about
  • Bless someone who really needs a blessing this Christmas
  • If you have children tell them the nativity story of Jesus. Get them to play characters in the story
  • Choose to be in church each Sunday leading up to and including Christmas day
  • Before eating the great food in front of you, give thanks that Jesus came to this earth at Christmas for the sole purpose of saving you

  • May we be mindful this Christmas that it is all about Jesus in the lead up to Christmas, on Christmas day and every day after.


    At Liberty starting this Sunday we will be thinking along these lines also in asking: What is Christmas all about?

    See you on the weekend.

    Blessings and peace,


    Ps Neil Milton

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