Heart Check

On the 20th March, we are joining in with ‘Syria Sunday.’ It is an initiative of World Vision to promote the crisis in Syria and to mobilise the churches around the world to donate money so that World Vision can buy the necessary equipment, food, tents etc to help the Syrian people.

I want to encourage you to pray now about what you are going to give to the work of World Vision on this day to change people’s lives in Syria. But why? Why are we helping Syria and not another country? Well, we are helping other countries, but at the moment there is a humanitarian disaster which is the biggest this world has EVER seen. Children are dying, parents are dying in mass proportions. There are 20 million Syrian refugees with no home because theirs has been blown up back in Syria.

Imagine what it would be like having nowhere to live and no way of knowing when you could return to your original country to rebuild again? Does that stir something in you? What happens in your heart when you hear something like that?

I know there are many things going on in our world that are devastating and World Vision continue to do a wonderful job in many parts of our world, but when something like this happens, as Christians we have to lead the way to restoring these people. Each one of those Syrians are made in the image of God and therefore we have an opportunity to love and care for them by helping them through World Vision.

Let us pray we do not get desensitised to the things that are devastating in this world but that each time something happens, let us have a ‘heart check’ to see whether we have become cold. The truth is, we cannot respond financially every time, but we can respond in prayer. Our God knows what’s going on and He can do something. He wants His church to rise up and be the answer for these people. Our response of prayer and finance can change their lives forever.

Lets pray and move!

Blessings and peace,


Ps Neil Milton

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