Greater Love

I want to share with you a story that I came across many years ago about a couple called Iain and Larissa that typifies what it means to have and show greater love to another.

Iain and Larissa met in College in the US and started dating. Everything was going well - they were quickly falling in love and sensing God's leading towards marriage - and they were moving towards getting engaged and eventually getting married.

On his way to work one day, Iain was involved in a significant car accident which left him fighting for his life in hospital. He has suffered considerable trauma to his brain. Things were not looking good for Iain.

But by the grace of God, Iain pulled through with his ever-faithful girlfriend Larissa by His side.

This is a powerful story of God's grace and providence in the midst of significant suffering. This is a story of enduring, Christ-honouring love. This is a story that highlights what relationships and marriage should actually be all about - laying down your life in order to love and honour your partner or spouse.

John 15:13 (ESV) says this:

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."

I pray that this story ministers to you just as much as it has challenged and encouraged me over the years - I still get tears in my eyes as I watch the video. It is only around 8 minutes in length... take some time out to get encouraged in your faith and you learn from Iain and Larissa's powerful testimony!


Ps Joel Hawting

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