God is moving

God is moving in Liberty in such beautiful ways! One of these is through membership. Just recently, the eldership approved another eight people to become members of Liberty. Membership is not a light decision to make, it is a decision that intentionally says, “Liberty is my spiritual home. I want to come under the eldership for direction, correction and leadership. I believe in the direction that God is leading Liberty and I want to serve where God wants me to serve at Liberty and for Liberty in the community.”

Friends, this is great news and very exciting for our church. We are growing! Praise God we have seen many people in the last year and a bit become members, in fact, around 60 new members from the end of 2014 until now. But what is drawing people to Liberty? What is inspiring them to put their roots down here?

Well, in speaking with different people who have become members there has been a varied response but one that really stands out is from someone who has been coming over the last 6 months, become a Christian and now a member.

When I asked them. “Why Liberty?” they responded, “I don’t have much of a family, but now I have a family in Liberty. I see this church as my family.”

This brings tears to my eyes; tears of joy that people are choosing to call Liberty a family for them.

We may not be perfect, no church is because no one is, but we are a family and you are part of it and that is just so great.

I encourage you to encourage a family member this week in their walk with Jesus.

See you this weekend for 'Syria Sunday'. Please be there 10am sharp for a video that will set the scene. Also we will be taking up an offering for Syria through World Vision and we will have eftpos facilities available.

I also look forward to celebrating with you over Easter for our Good Friday and Easter Sunday (baptism) services both at 10am as we continue to explore why Jesus died and rose for you and for me.



Ps Neil Milton

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