Giving is Better Than Receiving

I heard it said once, “Giving is better than receiving”. When I heard this statement I was really young and I thought that it was ridiculous. I loved receiving presents but I couldn’t be bothered giving any, or I struggled to give because I wanted what I was giving them. I remember when I was kid, I was invited to birthday parties and I had to go shopping with my mum for the present. I would always buy something that I liked because then when I got to the party I would say “open it” so then I could play with it. This didn’t work so well with girl presents though.

I know this sounds selfish; that’s because it is. Now that I am older, I understand what is behind this statement, ‘giving is better than receiving’. I understand what giving does to a person, what happens when you give out of a heart that is for them, with no benefit to yourself. Giving a smile is better than receiving one because you get to see the smile on their face. You only feel the one on yours. Giving a blessing of help is better than receiving help because you get to participate in making someone’s life better. And honestly, what is better than helping to make someone else’s life better?

Jesus said “Love God and love others”. Isn’t this what it means to help make someone’s life better? Who do you need to give something to this week? What needs to change in your heart? I guarantee, ‘Giving is better than receiving’. Try it and you will see!

Blessings and peace

Ps Neil Milton

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