Giving is a Privilege

A life changed, a family restored, a backyard cleaned up, marriages strengthened and people coming to know the love of Christ both at Liberty and through Liberty in the community and around the world. This is where your money goes when you give to the work of the Lord through Liberty.

For Kate and I, giving is a privilege. It is a privilege to give to see lives transformed. Giving money is not the only way we give, but our monetary offering is a part of our life in which giving is central to who we are.

Giving to what God is doing through Liberty is a privilege for another reason too; it is how God has created us. When we give out of what God has given us we are aligning ourselves to God’s will - we are giving to see lives transformed.

Giving is not a measure of how much we have, but the heart in which we give it with. We give out of what we have, not what we don’t have. The Bible says that we are to give ‘joyfully’. This is exactly how my wife and I feel as we give – joyful - knowing that through Liberty lives are being transformed.

My encouragement to you is to see giving to Liberty as a privilege and an honour. You can give on a Sunday morning, or like my family, you can give online. For me, knowing that our giving is consistent and regular is a great peace of mind. It means that my giving is not dictated by how much I have in my wallet at the time, but I have been intentional about why and what I give.

Below are the giving details. Lets give… it is a privilege and it is a response to everything we have been given by God and together we want to see lives transformed.

If you would like to financially support the work of Liberty Family Church by direct deposit you can do so through the following bank account:

Commonwealth Bank Healesville - Liberty Family Church - BSB 063 689 - Account Number 1014 0497

Blessings and peace,


Ps Neil Milton

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