Getting your hands dirty?


Some people roll up their sleeves and just get their hands dirty. Do you know a person like that? We have many people that do that at Liberty and just the other day I had to call on one of those people and, as usual, they said, “Of course I can help.”

The job was meant to be pretty simple: just mow the lawns and clean up a bit of someone’s property in the community who are moving and have recently lost a loved one and who don’t attend the church.

So, this faithful person rocked up at the house, lawnmower in hand, and headed out the back. What he encountered was high grass. In the grass was a fair lot of dog poo. It was safe to say he was going to be getting his hands dirty that day!

When he had finished, the backyard looked great and it was a big help. His clothes were pretty filthy and smelly. As he was re-telling the story to me we were both having a laugh and I asked him, “So how would you feel about doing that again?” He said, “Of course I would, I love to help people out when they need it.”

This is a sign of someone with a real servant heart, someone who has been gripped by the love of Jesus and will respond to show that sacrificial servant love for others, even if it means ‘getting his hands dirty.’

What characterises your servant heart?

What characterises the way Jesus sacrificially served and does that look like the way we serve?

What might need to change for us to align ourselves more with the character of Jesus’ sacrificial servant heart and action?



Ps Neil Milton

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