Gain The World, Forfeit Your Soul

Just last week my phone buzzed and I was notified through my ABC app that Hugh Hefner - Playboy founder and multimillionaire - had died at the age of 91.

Shortly after that, I was browsing through my Facebook feed and saw countless posts from celebrities and members of the general population alike, praising and celebrating him as a man and lauding the legacy that he left and the 'full' and 'rich' life that he had lived.

The life that Hugh Hefner led could only be described as lavish and carnal (do yourself and your soul a favour: don't research the life he led or the publications he produced... if you want to read anything, check out this article from Desiring God). Suffice to say, there would have been few worldly pleasures and pursuits that he did not seek out, experience or promote in his life. He was a man who capitalised on the sexual revolution in the 60s and made himself a sizeable fortune, at the expense of the women - His playboy bunnies and celebrities - whom he objectified through his sleazy media empire.

Sadly - it seems from an outsider looking in - that unlike Solomon who observed everything aside from God in this world and realised it's worthlessness, Hugh never came to that realisation for himself. From all accounts, he continued to live and chase after and revel in the ways of the world until the very end.

As I reflected on this life that people were celebrating and lauding, Jesus' words in Mark 8:36 (ESV) came into the forefront of my mind:

" For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"

We can pursue a whole range of things in this life. We can - like Hugh - live lives where we indulge in any pleasure that takes our fancy. We can chase after and promote and covet the things of this world and 'gain' the whole world, but ultimately, we will forfeit our souls.

Let's learn from the life that Hugh led and the legacy he left and live lives that honour and glorify God, not lives that are given over to gratifying our sinful nature and indulging the passions of our flesh!


Ps Joel Hawting

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