Fruit of the Spirit - Patience

We all face moments when we find it difficult to have patience. From waiting for our food in a restaurant, or counting down the days until annual leave and that next holiday, to sitting in traffic on the way home.

Each year in the lead up to their birthdays, my kids start counting down the sleeps left; they cannot wait for their special day to come! At least in this instance, they know exactly how long they have to patient for, they have a timeline.

Simeon was a faithful man of God, who lived in Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. The Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon that he would see the promised Messiah before he died. What a promise to receive! And what a challenge in patience! Simeon wasn’t given a timeframe, he didn’t have a calendar where he could mark off the sleeps until this happened, he just had God’s promise to hold on to. While we’re not sure how long he waited, he must have been so excited when the Holy Spirit led him into the temple courtyard where Simeon saw Mary and Joseph with Jesus! God’s promises were true, and seeing Jesus was worth the wait!

As we explored this story in Liberty Kids this week, we discussed how hard it can be to wait, even when we know something good is on the way. It can be frustrating, but when we need to wait, we can ask God for patience. Patience grows when we learn to wait for something without getting upset, anxious, or losing hope. If you ask God, He will turn the boring task of waiting into a time for growing patience in your heart.

When we’re waiting, no matter what we are waiting for, God is always with us. We can trust God no matter what else is going on in our lives. God can give us patience so that others can see that we trust Him even when we’re not getting what we want.

We’ve challenged the children in Liberty Kids to show patience this week and we extend the same challenge to you << Test First Name >>: what area in your life requires more patience? Pray that God will help you develop the fruit of patience as you continue to trust that He is in control.

Have a great week.

Anita King

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