From Darkness to Light

When I was a young child I was a little afraid of the dark. I remember one night I was a bit frightened and so I went to put the light switch on and as soon as I flicked the switch the light blew. I was freaked out and I went to open the door but I was panicking so much that I couldn’t find the door handle. By this point I was in total meltdown and my Mum must have heard me over the TV and came to where my room was. I heard her footsteps and then the door flung open. I jumped into my Mum's arms shaking and crying. It was so scary being in the dark and not knowing how I would ever get out but, how relieved I was when the light streamed in and I saw my Mum.

Friends, coming to know Jesus is a bit like this story (maybe without the crying and melt down). Once we were without Christ walking in darkness oblivious to freedom that was waiting on the other side of the door so to speak. Maybe we were trying to get out, or maybe we were content with living in the darkness. Then in streams the light and Jesus is standing there ready to embrace us—His children.

In the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ God (in the character of a janitor) is fixing a light when in walks Bruce. God asks Bruce if the light is now fixed, as Bruce is looking up at it and Bruce is blinded by how bright it is. He says to God “a little bright though” and God returns with this comment “yes it is for most people who spend their lives in the dark trying to hide from me”.

From darkness to light is the only transition that God has ever wanted for us. I am so thankful to have made that transition. Are you?

Maybe you haven’t yet. Choose the light, you will never regret ever being in darkness.

Blessings and peace,

Ps Neil Milton

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