Feeling Insignificant?

In the book of Numbers, there are many interesting stories, as well as some mind numbing lists! The book starts with the 1st census of the Jews, counting the number of men who were 20 years old or greater according to their ancestral tribe of Jacob. This was to determine the size of their army, as they prepared to invade Canaan. (As we read further on, this time, they backed out in fear from progressing with the invasion, thus condemning themselves to 40 years of wandering in the desert. The 2nd census occurred prior to the invasion that did occur 40 years later).

The numbers for each tribe, ranged from 74,600 for Judah, to 32,200 for Manasseh. Yet the tribe of Levi was not included in this census. Why? Because God had a special purpose in mind for the Levites. Subsequently, we read in Numbers 3, that God did ask Moses to count the Levites, every male a month or more old. The count came to 22,000. Note the different count criteria: 20 years plus for all tribes except Levi; 1 month or more for the Levites! Clearly the tribe of Levi was significantly smaller than all the other tribes. Yet God set them apart to serve as priests in His Tabernacle and to be responsible for all the Tabernacle structure and furnishings. This included the set-up and break-down of it, and its transport as they moved from place to place.

The Levites may have been the smallest tribe, yet they were assigned a very special task by God, that no-one from outside their tribe may do. In God's eyes, they were special.

I wonder if you have ever felt insignificant, of little value to God? If so, I encourage you to read these first few chapters of Numbers and see how God used this most seemingly insignificant tribe of all the Jews, to perform His special tasks.

If ever you do feel that sense of insignificance, spend some time with God and ask Him these 2 questions:

How do You feel about me?

What do You want me to do for You?

You might be surprised by what He tells you. You will certainly be encouraged.

God bless,

Tim Connelly

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