Family Fun!

Some of my favourite memories growing up as a kid revolve around times spent together with my family on holidays and doing certain activities together.

I remember the countless games of cricket that I participated in with my family every time we went on a holiday to the beach. I remember the many bushwalks that I completed with my Dad over the years, sometimes walking up to 25km just to access some hard to reach, secluded bush location with the most breathtaking scenery. I remember the barrow loads and barrow loads of gravel and soil that I lugged around Mum & Dad's property over the years, as well as the days spent chopping firewood with Dad in the backyard.

Many of my favourite memories growing up involve doing things together with my family. I had a blessed childhood with lots of family fun that's for sure!

There is nothing like when a family comes together and enjoys one another's company as they complete certain tasks together. We've got an opportunity to do just that as a church family at our special Working Bee tomorrow morning, from 9am12pm. The building renovations are starting on our church building on the 17th of July and we have a lot to clean up before the builders can come in!

There will be jobs for people of all ages and abilities (including children) and we will be enjoying some morning tea and also a sausage sizzle (with vegetarian options) together as well. Weather permitting, we will also have our jumping castle up and running for the kids to enjoy when they take a break from packing and stacking boxes!

So I want to encourage you... let's make shared memories and enjoy each other's company as we clean up God's house together as a church family! Let's all - men, women and children - band together and prepare our building and grounds for the works to be completed on our building in the months ahead. Let's have some family fun together on Saturday morning at our special Working Bee!


Ps Joel Hawting

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