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    Life's Ultimate Journey

    In this message, Mike Smith - creator of Every Believer Can - challenges and encourages the church to embrace life's ultimate journey, and devote ourselves to learning how to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.   Read More...

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    Cameron & Clarissa Betts

    In this This is Your Life feature, Steven King chats with Cameron & Clarissa Betts who share many lessons that they have learnt along the journey (personal, family and business) as a result of choosing to live their lives for God, and not just for themselves.   Read More...

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    Mary McCrimmon

    In the first This is Your Life Sunday for 2020, Mary McCrimmon shares powerfully from her life experience and encourages us all to remember that God will always help us to fulfil the plans that He has for us, no matter the challenges or hardships we face in life.   Read More...