Domestic and Family Violence is NEVER OK!

Only a few days ago, on Wednesday 25th November, it was the National Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Common Grace, a Christian organisation, sent me an email on that day inviting me to pray for the next 16 days for those whom this terrible epidemic affects. The 16-day prayer campaign is part of a wider international movement, the UN’s ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender – Based Violence’ campaign. I am happy to let you know that I have accepted this opportunity and am grabbing it with both hands. And I want you to pray with me.

Domestic and family violence is a devastating epidemic. Please read this….

“Around one in three women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence – mostly by an intimate partner. Around 38 per cent of all women who are murdered are killed by their partners. The World Health Organisation says that violence against women has reached "a global health problem of epidemic proportions."

It is quotes like this that shout to us, that we might respond in prayer to our God who can do anything. That even a church in Healesville could be part of seeing this epidemic become so much less, that we would instead see healing and wholeness in relationships.

Here is a prayer I have already prayed, that I invite you to join in and pray also:

God of the entire universe, all people are made in your image. They are known by you and loved by you. All the resources of the world are yours. God, please bring your boundless resources to help women and children around the world who are experiencing violence of any kind. You know each of them by name. We only hear of them, but you see all.

We pray for governments around the world to rule wisely and to make and enforce laws to protect women and children from violence. Please provide support agencies with the resources they need to provide for the needs of victims.

And please change the culture that permits, ignores, downplays or excuses violence against women and children throughout the world. Please give your grace, comfort and healing to all those who suffer. Amen.

If you would like to follow these 16 days with me and spend time praying then let me know and I will forward the emails I receive.

The truth is this epidemic is also very close to home here in Healesville and maybe you at some point have been affected or maybe you are going through it now or know someone who is.

See you Sunday for prayer at 8.30am.

Blessings and peace,


Ps Neil Milton

For further information about this issue, be sure to watch the below videos (the second is a Family Violence Forum that we held specifically focussed on violence in the community of Healesville).


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