Die Before You Grow Old

I remember growing up listening to some of Robbie William's music from time to time. One of his most popular songs - no it's not his duet with Kylie Minogue called Kids! - was a song called Old Before I Die.

The lyrics of the chorus go like this:

"I hope I'm old before I die,

 I hope I live to relive the days gone by. 

I hope I'm old before I die, 

But tonight I'm gonna live for today. 

So come along for the ride,

 I hope I'm old before I die."

Sounds like a pretty good summary of what our culture prioritises and hopes for in life doesn't it?

I read an interesting article during the week that suggested the exact opposite of what Robbie's song suggests. The article was from The Gospel Coalition and was called 'I Hope I Die Before I Get Old.' Sounds like a strange kind of thing for me to be reading doesn't it?

The person writing the article was a Pastor who had officiated at many funerals and had been present as many people passed away. He reflected on the joy of seeing those who have faith in Jesus Christ departing from this life into glory in eternity. He also reflected on two men that he ministered to who - in their last days  - sadly saw no need for Jesus Christ and His grace. As he reflects in the article:

"One fellow told me that I could pray for him but he wasn’t interested in doing anything religious himself. He’d never done it before; why do it now? The other fellow just sort of entertained my notions as the requisite “last rites” or some such things, but gave no response to the invitation to repent and believe in Jesus."

The writer's basic message in the article was that all of us need to die before we grow old. We need to die to ourselves, and instead, live for Christ. As C.S. Lewis says:

"Die before you die. There is no chance after."

Let's be those who lose our lives for Jesus' sake, and in doing so, discover life (Matthew 10:39)! Let's be people who don't get caught up in the ways and priorities of the world and enthrone things above, and pursue things before, God!

Let's be people who die before we grow old. If we do, we will enjoy life in all its fullness in this life, and enjoy security, peace and joy in intimate relationship with Jesus, for eternity in the one to come.


Ps Joel Hawting

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