Did that just happen?

Have you ever had a phone call where after you finish it you are left dumbfounded and you think to yourself, “Did that just happen?”

I had one of those last week.

I got a phone call from a psychologist in the Yarra Valley who proceeded to ask me if I would like to do pastoral care for one of his clients. He wanted to see if I could speak to him from a Christian perspective.

I asked him, just out of curiosity, “Why are you ringing me?” He said, “Because I have heard about your church from someone, that you would be the church to welcome a person like this. I hear you are doing great things.”

I had a proud moment right then of our church and I asked him, “What about you, are you a Christian?” and he said, “No, I am an atheist.” I said, “So why are you sending this client to me when you know I am a Christian?” He said, “Because I can’t give him what I think he needs.”

I accepted the client and have started working with them now but after that phone call I sat in my chair and thought, “Did that just happen?”

Did an atheist just ring me because he realises that his client needs something that he can’t give him?

Then I thought, “Wow! God is moving powerfully; even atheists are ringing the church for help.”

I give praise to God. He is our king.

Move Lord Jesus across this town, have your way, let your presence fall and may the love of Jesus impact this town. Everyone. Including atheists!



Ps Neil Milton

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