Determination - Deciding It's Worth it to Finish What You Started

Throughout Scripture, we can discover that God has been faithful to His people. He rescued them from slavery in Egypt. He sent Jesus to rescue us from our sin. He remained faithful to the early church as they spread the message of Jesus throughout the world. When we see how God gave His people what they needed to continue following Him, we can respond with determination believing that God will give us what we need to finish what we start.

When Jesus gave His disciples the incredible mission of spreading the message of the Gospel throughout the world, He didn’t make them do it alone. Instead, He sent the Holy Spirit to empower them to show faith and determination in the face of whatever might happen along the way. When we put our faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit empowers us to finish what we start.

We think it’s important for us to help our kids and families discover more about determination, that's why we are focussing on it in Liberty Kids for the next four weeks.

Our Memory Verse comes from Galatians 6:9 (NIrV):

“Let us not become tired of doing good. At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up.”

When Paul wrote this verse to the church at Philippi, he encouraged the followers of Jesus to show determination and keep doing good. We may not see results right away, but in time, God will help us see that finishing what we started was worth all of the effort.

We can keep going even when it gets hard, or when the job is bigger than we think because God gives us what we need and He knows the end of the story - and it's worth it!

Please pray with us *|FNAME|*, that we may all learn to be determined to finish what God has set before us to accomplish; a challenge no matter what our age or stage of life!

Have a great week,

Anita King

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